Ancestry DNA Test – UK Genetic Testing

Ancestry DNA Test – UK Genetic Testing

Ancestry is a family history website that is designed to empower people to discover, preserve and share their family history, through photographs, scanned documents, stories and now DNA testing..


Ancestry DNA testing can estimate your origins to more than 350 regions around the world.

DNA testing kits come with easy-to-follow instructions. Just return a small saliva sample in the prepaid envelope provided and within six to eight weeks you can expect an email with a link to your online results which are password-protected.

Ancestry DNA testing service utilises some of the latest autosomal testing technology to revolutionise the way you discover your family history. This service combines advanced DNA science with the world’s largest online family history resource to predict your genetic ethnicity. It maps ethnicity going back multiple generations and provides insight into such possibilities as, “What region of Europe are my ancestors from?” Find discounts and money off coupons..

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How to take your DNA sample in just a few simple steps

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